Since 2018, the minimum wage in Latvia will be 430 euros

From January 1, 2018, the country's minimum wage will be set at 430 euros instead of the previous 380 euros.

The increase in the minimum monthly wage is realized simultaneously with the reduction of the burden of taxes on labor, while reducing the impact of this decision on the growth of labor costs. It is planned that the minimum monthly wage of 430 euros will remain unchanged for three years.

The minimum monthly wage is taken into account as a measure of measurement also in different legal situations - for example, by establishing minimum funds for maintenance for the child or by paying them from the Fund for guarantees of maintenance, in the penal system, in determining the financial position of the person and calculating the amount of losses.

The right to develop the Ministry of Welfare in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, which is in connection with an increase in the minimum monthly wage from 380 euros to 430 euros to comply with financial calculations of the effect on the state budget and local government budgets.