Power station in Latvia

Project Type Sale
The total cost of the project 4 mil. EUR
Industry Electricity
Region Latvia


Required investment 4 mil. EUR
Areas of investment Sell
Investment type Stake ownership


Project description

Agtive gas cogeneration. Capacity (electrical) 2,7 Mw, (heat) 3,3 Mw.

About 75% of electricity is sold to the state as an obligatory purchase (agreement until November 2018). Calculation formula in respect with Ministry cabinet №221.

The rest 25% is sold to clients - legal entities. An opportunity to expand the client spectre persists. Agreements for 1 year with possible extension.  

100% transmitted for heating and water calefaction purposes for the whole city. The rates are corelated with market gas price. Agreement with the city is termless.



electricity75% , heat – 25%



 74% is natural gas, 

5% servise, renovation- 3%. 

Administrational costs and taxes.



 200 000 - 350 000 EUR with possible expansion.

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