Initiator ORG Committee CJSC OC "Russkoe Toplivo"
Project Type Start- up
The total cost of the project 140 mil. USD
Industry Oil industry
Region Krasnodar Krai


Required investment 120 mil. USD
Areas of investment Construction, investments in environmental and care for people protection
Investment type Stake ownership
Financial support for the project Capital lending, own capital


The expected payback time 10 years
Net Present Value (NPV) 111.43 million USD (5.5% interest)

Project description

There is a great demand for the Russian petroleum products on the European market.

The participation of Russian companies which are experienced in implementing similar projects, commencing from stages of assumptions to their completion, gives a guarantee that this project being subject to the state supervision will be appropriately implemented.

The assumed costs of implementation are comparable with the costs of similar projects already developed in Russia.


Environmental protection:

This investment is modern, automated, integrated into natural environment, and it meets the highest worldwide requirements of environmental protection and safety.

Protection and care for people:

system of securing and monitoring human security,
medical laboratory (first aid in poisoning and burns),
electronic systems supporting and inspecting the management and control of technological process located in the management and control centre,
system of monitoring and fire protection from the land and sea (fire-fighting ships).
personnel and hotel back-up facilities,
jobs for local people

Sea terminal:

2 x piers for ships
4 x piers for barges

Car terminal:

2 x stations

Railway terminal:

20 x stations

Fuel stevedoring capacity:

7,200 t/d –Assumed minimum fuel stevedoring capacity of maritime terminal (output) and rail terminal (input) (Minimum stevedoring capacity of terminals guarantee the coverage of all the costs of this project.)

Number of employees:

150 persons/month
3 shifts/day


Project financing:

Financing period: 10 years

Preparation of construction: 1 year

Construction and start-up to full production capacity: 2 years

Grace period of interest: 3 years

Interest repayment: 7 years

Investment operation (for financing repayment): 7 years

Grace period for capital: 10 years

Profitability Rate

The present (dynamic) value of receipts exceeds the present value of expenses by 1.67 times, which means that the investment is profitable.

Expected profit: 19.94 million USD/y.


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