Our services

Energy and Investments

Natural Gas Trading

Electricity Trading

Vertex Capital offers to large consumers conclude electricity supply contract on mutually advantageous terms, from 1000 mW per annum.

Investment Capital Attraction

Vertex Capital provides integrated financial and legal services for the successful development and implementation of investment projects in accordance with your requirements. We cooperate with a wide range of financial partners for implementing your investment ideas and providing necessary co-financing.


Accounting and audit

Accounting for Latvian companies

Our team of professional accountants provides a wide range of accounting services for entrepreneurs having their business in the territory of the Republic of Latvia (LR). We provide our clients with complete accounting services, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia and international accounting standards. They may include:

  • analysis, processing, verification or registration of primary documentation;

  • development of the accounting policy of the Company, Elaborating of acts, resolutions and other internal documents of the Company;

  • current bookkeeping on the Register and accounts;

  • payroll, Calculation and preparation of tax reports and declarations, their submission to the State Revenue Service (SRS), Drawing up the bank documents, Preparation of statistical data;

  • preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports;

  • preparation of financial statements of the Company (operational, internal and other reports);

  • personnel records;

  • tax refund;

  • representing the client’s interests in state institutions;

  • drawing up invoices and sending them to counterparties;

  • work with the bank;

  • advice and support by our specialists.

We will provide you with a qualified service that will allow you to save money and use them instead for the development of your business. Entrusting us with the servicing of your Company and in return you will get a quality service at the best price.

Accounting for English Companies

Free trade and industrial progress has allowed businessmen to have their companies and representative offices in different jurisdictions.

Vertex Capital will provide professional support on your Company’s accounting in the territory of the European Union and in offshore territories.

In this respect, we provide the following services:

  • accounting of companies;

  • preparation, audit and submission of financial statements;

  • preparation and submission of tax declarations, VAT reports;

  • monitoring of deadlines for submission of statements and execution of tax liabilities of the Company;

  • advice and support for our customers.

The price of accounting service depends on the jurisdiction and the package of services provided.

About the main types of reports:

      1. Annual return - declaration shall be submitted once a year and confirms the relevance and completeness of the information that the company provided to the Register of Companies.

      2. Annual Accounts - includes information about the financial activities of the company of company’s financial year. Annual Accounts submit for 9 months after company’s financial year ends, if annual accounts don’t submit, company may be charged a penalty.

      3. Tax return – contains information on tax obligations of the company for the previous year. The deadline for submitting tax return for LLP - 31 January. LTD submit tax return with Annual Accounts.

Accounting for Estonian companies

Vertex Capital provides professional accounting services to companies who make their business activities in Estonia.

Accounting services for Estonia companies include:

  • Primary documents analysis, processing, checking or registration;

  • Development of accounting policy, acts, regulations and other internal documents of the company;

  • wage accounting;

  • tax accounting, preparation and submission of tax reports to Tax-Customer Department (Maksu ja Tolliamet);

  • bank document processing, preparation of statistical reports;

  • preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports;

  • preparation of the financial statements;

  • personnel accounting;

  • invoice, preparation of payments;

  • advice and support for our customers;

  • preparation, audit and submission of financial statements.

Accounting for offshore

Vertex Capital will provide accounting services for offshore like: Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Marshall Islands, Nevis, The Netherlands, Panama, Seychelles, Singapore and not only this.


  • accounting for a company;

  • preparation, audit and submission of financial statements according IFRS;

  • advice and support for our customers;

  • tax optimization.

Tax consulting

Professionals of Vertex Capital provide services for international tax consulting.

There are many legitimate ways to reduce the tax burden on companies. In addition to the classical methods the offshore structures, holding structures and many others are used. And only an integrated and personalized approach can ensure truly effective results.

Because of many differences in national legislation and their variability, the analysis of tax schemes should become a regular practice of the Company.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an integral part of the Company’s success. Proper allocation of its resources and commitments is a key to a successful operation.

Tax planning is a set of measures aimed at the construction of a rational system of the Company’s taxation based on the tax legislation. The design of the system is based on:

  • income and expenses planning methods;

  • using deferrals and installment payment of taxes;

  • receiving of the investment tax credit;

  • using the provided by the tax legislation techniques and methods of recognition of income and expenses, their evaluation, utilization of reserves, benefits and exemptions;

  • minimizing taxes by legal means;

  • other events.

Our experts will develop a system based on the individual characteristics of your business.

Consulting and business management

Evaluation and Financial Planning

Vertex Capital provide services in business evaluation of and financial planning.

Smart business assessment will help clients to decide on purchase or sale of a business, minimize the risks of underestimation of own business or overestimation of business to acquire.

Planning Services include consulting on financial aspects, analysis of the current state of the business, preparation of business plans, development of investment projects, rising the necessary funding for the Company.

Entrusted Administration and Business Structuring

Vertex Capital provide services of trust management and structuring of your business.

If you want to start a new business, or just want to retire from your present business so that it does not reduce turnover, but quite the opposite, continues to develop successfully, our service of Trust Management would ideally suit you.

Our professionals, having the extensive experience of successful work, will analyze the current state of your business, its structure, and offer directions for further development. Vertex Capital specialists will take care of the management of your Company, while the Business Owner will be receiving full regular reports on the state of affairs.

Vertex Capital also provides services of business structuring and restructuring. Our experts will make a deep analysis of the business processes of your company, and, after identifying the problems, will make a plan of reorganization of the structure and its further development.

Company mergers and acquisitions

Vertex Capital provides a full range of services related to mergers and acquisitions.

Our specialists will provide full support of any mergers and acquisitions. We select the optimal strategy for a merger or acquisition, carry out an expertise of all documents, make assessment of property acquired by your Company, and prepare a package of documents on the transaction.

All the above steps are taken for the purpose to make a merger or acquisition in a most efficient way, reliable and legally correct.

Establishment of companies

Registration of legal entities and their branches is made ​​by the specialists of Vertex Capital.

According to a customer’s choice, the purchase of existing companies or registration of new companies is offered in different jurisdictions.

The list of provided services includes:

  • consulting and assistance in selecting the most appropriate organizational and legal structure of the company and jurisdiction, informing about the procedure and the time of registration;

  • answering to the customer’s questions;

  • sale of existing companies in different jurisdictions. The main advantage is a significant time saving, because the registration of a company to a new owner takes only a few days;

  • preparation of necessary documents for a new company or a branch registration;

  • registration of a company or a branch in the desired jurisdiction;

  • other services.

Residence Permits and Citizenship

Vertex Capital professionals provide overall support in obtaining residence permits and citizenship.

The list of our services includes:

  • professional advice on all matters regarding residency and citizenship,

  • assessment of opportunities to get them, finding the optimal variant in every particular case;

  • assistance in preparing the necessary documents, as well as in the smooth passage of the procedure in the possibly shortest time.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Opening of Bank Accounts

Vertex Capital offer opening of bank accounts in various jurisdictions, as well as managing of these accounts.

We can open accounts of any type, in different banks and jurisdictions.

Our experts can give professional advice and answer all your questions in order to help choosing the best jurisdiction and the bank for the account. We also prepare the necessary documents and directly open a bank account. Whenever possible, the account is opened without the presence of the customer in the bank's jurisdiction, which considerably minimizes the time and cost.

Virtual office

The virtual office includes:

  • prestigious legal address in the center of Riga City;

  • receiving and forwarding of correspondence;

  • mail processing;

  • receiving telephone calls;

  • secretarial services;

  • conference room;

  • workplace.

Our team will provide each customer with a qualified secretarial service, which will help to optimize costs, as well as working time.

Legal address

We provide services for registration of legal address in Riga City. The legal address lease includes:

  • a lease agreement;

  • notification of incoming correspondence in a convenient for the customer way (SMS, e-mail, etc.);

  • forwarding of incoming mail to the customer’s email.

Insolvency Process

The insolvency process - is an opportunity to free oneself from too heavy debt and, if possible, to satisfy the claims of all creditors.

The insolvency process can apply to both the individual and the legal entity. To start the process of insolvency, the debtor must have one or more attributes of insolvency:

Attributes of insolvency for a legal entity can be:

  • failure to execute a judgment to recover the debt from the debtor by applying the means of enforcement;

  • the debtor, a Limited Liability Company, has not fulfilled one or more of debt obligations, the principal amount of which individually or collectively exceeds the amount of EUR 4’268 on a due date of obligation;

  • the debtor, a legal entity, other than a Limited Liability Company, has not fulfilled one or more of debt obligations, the principal amount of which individually or collectively exceeds the amount of EUR 2’132 on a due date of obligation:

  • The debtor has failed to pay wages, sick leave or other social benefits within 2 months from the date of accrual, as well as others attributes of insolvency.

Attributes of insolvency for an individual can be:

  • an individual is unable to settle the debt for which the execution time is due, and the amount of all his debentures exceed EUR 7’114;

  • in connection with some provable circumstances (e.g., reduction of income of the individual; increase of loan payments), the individual will not be able to settle the debt, which deadline occurs within a year, and the total debt amount exceeds EUR 14’228.

Vertex Capital will analyze the need and feasibility of the insolvency procedure, as well as prepare a legally sound application and other documents to start the insolvency process in court.